What is Circular economy and how does it take care of the environment?

It is an economic consumption model that encourages growth and employment without harming the environment. … compared to use and throw economy model that leads to climate change. The circular economy reduces the emissions of gases in the atmosphere that have greenhouse effect, released as a result of over production and excessive consumption.

The circular economy is key to combating climate change, betting on the reuse of materials and reducing the consumption of plastic and the waste generated as much as possible.

What we need is to reduce the use and extraction of natural resources.

We must keep the products in use as long as possible, creating value through recycling and reuse. At the end of the useful life of a product, after its multiple uses, it must return to nature safely and to the natural ecosystems.

An example of circular economy if we observe in the not too distant past, there were returnable bottles and once the product was consumed the bottles were returned to the stores in exchange for a refund.

This recycling system SDDR (System of Deposit, Refund and Return) is in use in Germany since 2003, citizens pay between 8 and 25 cents additional for bottled drinks and later the said amount is recovered when they return the empty bottles.

Do you think that a beverage container return system (SDDR) should be implemented in Spain based on encouraging the return of the bottle or carton for recycling?