Quality Policy IMS



In GRUPOPTIMA we have as a goal to achieve in future, a leading position in our field.

For Achieving this goal, our philosophy is to offer services with the highest levels of quality, incorporating them, as differentiating values, the responsiveness, the high qualification of our professionals and the capacity and technical competence through the incorporation of equipment and infrastructure of the highest standard, constituting ourselves as an organization that incorporates the values of a large company that manages its resources effectively and efficiently.

All the activity is oriented to fully satisfy the needs of our customers for which we need to have the full involvement of employees and suppliers.

Therefore, the Management System Policy is constituted as a basic pillar within the General Policy of the company to establish and review the objectives of achieving the full satisfaction of our customers.

For this reason, and in order to reach the objectives set, Management adopts the commitment to dedicate to this task all its economic, technological and human potential, in such a way that the organization of the company, its investment policy, the development of new methods and human resources, are oriented primarily to meet the needs of our customers and subject to the guidelines established by the Management.



The General Management of GRUPOPTIMA establishes the following principles and commitments of its Integrated Management Policy in order to integrate the highest quality and respect for the environment in each and every one of its activities to offer its services.

With this aim, the Management of GRUPOPTIMA harmonizes the technical, productive, financial and human means and resources, in a single structure and a competitive direction of decision-making in accordance with the following objectives:

  • Create sustainable value propositions for the client that meet their needs and consolidate their loyalty as an essential premise for the continuity of our activity.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the services provided to our customers.
  • Establishment of continuous improvement based on preventing, rather than correcting failures in processes, damage and deterioration of health and pollution impacts on the environment, as a fundamental principle of action, optimizing resources in favor of sustainable development.
  • Generate and promote internal communication channels that ensure the participation, satisfaction, and permanent training of workers who, in short, are the direct protagonists of the continuous improvement of GRUPOPTIMA.
  • Implement integrated management procedures, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the legislation applicable and other requirements, which lead to the prevention of pollution.
  • Establish strategic collaborations with our suppliers to create commercial interactions of quality improvement and respect for the environment that create added value for both parties.

This policy appropriate to the context of our organization is communicated to the staff and understood by them, with a
commitment on their part to involve and commit to Quality Management.