The importance of working with an authorised hazardous waste expert

  1. SAFETY& SECURITY: Working with an expert in hazardous waste prevents accidents, fires, or environmental risk,since they have the appropriate means and qualified professional personnel. The collection, transport, treatment, and recovery of waste is done following all safety parameters and established laws.


  1. LEGAL COMPLIANCE: Expertise in the extensive, complex, always changing current legislation. Legal guidance service to the producer.


  1. TRANSPARENCY AND RELIABILITY: Traceability in waste management and treatment. MAXIMUM CONTROL AND MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY, facilitates the knowledge of the process and the destination of the waste at any moment.


  1. CUSTOMIZED SERVICE: An integral management, offering the entire cycle of valorization / treatment from the collection of waste to its final phase.


  1. BEST PLACEMENTS: An authorized waste expert interprets the hazard characteristics and HP properties of each waste stream to offer the best recovery or placement.


  1. DOCUMENTATION: The correct management and movement of special waste, involves complex documentation and simultaneous processing in several electronic platforms, hiring an expert, assures that the process is done in time required from the initial stage to the end.


  1. CIRCULAR ECONOMY: Working with an expert means that the waste generated by your activity converts into a new resource or enters the cycle of its second useful life.


  1. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Leaving toxic and hazardous waste in the hands of a waste expert, ensures that this waste will not end up abandoned or treated incorrectly, thus avoiding social and environmental damage.


  1. CHOOSE YOUR COLLABORATORS WELL: It makes your company´s responsibility towards the environment and the commitment to quality in your services, visible.

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